The Committee utilized the 30th year listing to attempt to get current e-mail addresses for everyone.  We desperately need e-mail addresses to keep mailing costs down... and to confirm we have found everyone.   Please spread the word to anyone you have contact with! If you know how to reach anyone on this list...let us know through the Contact Us page or Click on the "tell a friend" link on the 1st page.

If a name is on this list, we have not been able to make positive telephone/e-mail contact:   posted 3/18/'09  280 34  (updated  12/2015)
Armstrong, Darcy
Bachand, Mark
Beliveau, Louise (Giuardi)
Brecht, Lee (Bennett)
David, Rosemary
Davis, Susan
DeGroff, Edward
DiBella, Albert 
Gage, Martha
Holmquist, Theresa (Vinetti) 
Hotaling, Maurice
Kilmer, Keith
Kirker, Margaret
Lawler, Rosemary (Thorsen)
LaPlante, John
Lotridge, Pamela
Maikoff, Thomas
McHugh, Frank
Mueller, Jackie (Osborne)
Owens, Linda (Brown)
Palmer, Kristy (Stevens)
Patrick, Lawrence
Rosen Edward
Santore, Ann (Cattaneo)
Sherman Margaret
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, William
Smythe, Edward
Snyder, Donald
Sponable, William
Sullivan, (Stout) Barbara
VanDeusen, Fern
VanZandt, (Corlis) Nancy
Wight, Douglas